Engage your entire destination

Yo.City is an engagement automation platform for chambers and destination marketing agencies.

Launch events, places, and actions from one place

Save Time

Enter events and places once and launch them through our automated multichannel management delivery platform.

Reach Everyone

Deliver content to your website, mobile app, digital signage, notification and touch kiosks



Help visitors answer the all important question, "What's going on?". Highlight the events going on in your destination.


Your destination has some really cool stuff to show off. Create a curated list of the hidden gems and attractions that truly make your destination unique.


Take engagement to the next level with our highly flexible actions framework.
Build tours, scavenger hunts, rewards, and tours

Digital Signage

Engage high traffic areas!
Place Digital signage in common areas to broadcast your events and meet people where they are at.

Custom Mobile App

Interface deeply with your visitors and locals

Put your destination's brand at the forefront users download YOUR app with YOUR brand

Website Embed

Stop updating countless sites
Update once and see your events and places across multiple sites

Interactive Touch Kiosk

Never leave an information booth unattended again with interactive touch kiosks.

Flyer Templates

Stop Manually creating and updating Flyers.

Automated Notifications

Auto generate email and push notifications. Stop spending you Fridays putting together "the list".

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Reaching Everyone is Easy

Get started in just a few simple steps and reach people where they are.

Step #1

Add your content

Add events, places, and things to do

Step #2

Create Interest

Setup tours, passports and rewards

Step #3


We do all the hard work of deploying you content We can even push your updates to multiple different websites

Simple Pricing

Start engaging your destination and growing today

No more long hours spent on the boring stuff!

White Glove Onboarding

Get help adding your events and places for the first time.
We can convert anything from spreed sheets to paper flyers
one time